参议院机密指控 The 分类参议院 represents 机密的员工, including classified supervisors and classified confidential, in the formation of college and district policy on professional matters, and address all matters either directly or through participatory governance committees (such as but not limited to: College Planning Council (CPC), 管理委员会, Budget Resource Council (BRC), Classified Staffing Priorities, and Chancellors Consultation Council). The 分类参议院 interfaces with the college administration in the implementation of college goals and objectives, 和收集, 评估, 传播, and receives non-bargaining information for and from 机密的员工 as appropriate.  Members of the 分类参议院 Executive Committee serve on the 认证 Steering Committee and contribute to the assessment of 认证 Standard IV.

会员:  Representatives as specified in the Senate 规章制度 to ensure full representation of the 机密的员工, or as amended by the Senate Council; invited SEIU representative.
椅子:  分类参议院 President
会议:  1st Thursday of each month, in the Campus Center Conference Room

Senate Member Commitments:

  • To accept and uphold the decisions of the 澳门皇家赌城在线大学 分类参议院, 宪法, By-laws and policy objectives as determined by majority vote of its members.
  • To accept the legal and ethical commitments and responsibilities of the 澳门皇家赌城在线大学 分类参议院 to the college staff and the students we serve.
  • To maintain productive associations that enable the 分类参议院 to pursue its objectives by means consistent with the interest of the students, 机密的员工, faculty and administrators.
  • To dedicate myself to the highest ideals of honor and integrity in all public and personal conduct; to maintain integrity, to disclose conflicts of interest, personal relationships or other affiliations that may influence my Senate decisions, 如果需要的话, to abstain from the discussion and vote of the Senate.
  • To base decisions upon all available facts in each situation; vote my honest conviction in every case, and uphold the majority decision of the Senate.
  • To welcome collaboration and to encourage participation of all members from the campus community.
  • To propose change through constructive channels with due consideration for the opinions of others and their right to dissent.
  • To demonstrate respect for the diverse cultures comprising the 澳门皇家赌城在线大学 community.

This Code of Ethics for members of the 澳门皇家赌城在线大学 分类参议院 has been adopted to promote the highest standards of personal conduct and professional standards among its members. 通过加入参议院, a member espouses this code thereby assuring public confidence in the integrity and service of the 分类参议院. 

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